A CrewAndA


East Lyme’s crew team is one of our high school’s gems in its athletics program. The girls team has won 4 state championships in just over a decade, and, in the past, has even won a New England championship. During the Web Saga’s series of sit-downs with East Lyme’s spring sports teams, we caught up with some members of the crew team.


Quinn Dwyer is a junior that’s been rowing for two years. He’s a part of the V2 boat, which means Varsity 2. When asked his favorite part of ELHS crew’s culture, he said My favorite part is the work ethic and the constant push to better yourself. The emphasis of the coaches is to take it upon yourself to work towards your goals and this teaches responsibility that’s really unique to crew and something I find myself applying to my everyday life.” Quinn says that people outside of crew might not realize just how important working as a team is: “Every person out of the 8 in a boat is integral to the success of the team. You have to place a lot of faith in the people around you and have total trust in your boat.” He says that, when faced with a bad practice or race, it can be demoralizing, but the team has a very “we’ll get ‘em next time” mentality, and uses it to motivate themselves. 


Rose Zhou is a senior, and is also in her second year of rowing. She races V3 this year. She says her favorite part of crew is “the people. Without them it wouldn’t be as enjoyable. Everyone is very encouraging and it’s a very intense but positive atmosphere.” Rose also described the girls team’s pre-race tradition, wherein Mahon gives a huddle and reminds the girls team what they’re going up against. “When he’s done everyone puts their hands in the middle and yells ‘Viking Crew on 3.’”