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AI is the Thief of Human Innovation

Ruby McMahon, Editor in Chief
May 25, 2023

     This year alone,  the functionality of AI has exploded. ChatGPT, AI generated Drake songs and fake images of Pope Francis clad in Balenciaga are experiencing  unmatched virality. These...

Exploring the Tech Department

September 23, 2022

EL’s Tech Department, headed by tech lead Ben McCarthy, works tirelessly to ensure students and faculty have as many technological resources available as possible. “The time when you guys (students)...

The Summer I Chucked My Phone

‘The Summer I’ Chucked My Phone

September 21, 2022

First of all, my phone is fine, for anyone who might have cared. This past summer, and like most of my summers, I went to a music camp. Music camp consisted of six hours of violin a day, and no air...

The Heartbreak of the One-sided Affair

September 7, 2022

From Emma Chamberlain to Harry Styles, there is no denying that almost all celebrities have a fan base of some sort. Being a fan of a celebrity is not an uncommon occurrence and isn’t necessarily harmful....

Roe v Wade Overturned; A Look Into What This Means for Womens’ Rights

June 29, 2022

     1973 marked a prominent advancement in American women's history: Roe v Wade. The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) case Roe v Wade granted women federal protection to have abortions...

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