The G.O.P Needs to Throw Out Trump, and Bring in Haley

The G.O.P Needs to Throw Out Trump, and Bring in Haley

September 13, 2023

Starting Jan. 15, 2024, the Republican party has to make some tough decisions on who they want their presidential nominee to be. The Iowa caucus, which is how Iowa chooses who they want the Democratic...

AI is the Thief of Human Innovation

Ruby McMahon, Editor in Chief
May 25, 2023

     This year alone,  the functionality of AI has exploded. ChatGPT, AI generated Drake songs and fake images of Pope Francis clad in Balenciaga are experiencing  unmatched virality. These...

Organ Donation art by Kath Correa

I am an Organ Donor, and You Should Be Too

I am an organ donor, and you should be too. But I didn’t always believe that. I got my license in August 2022. I had spent the past few months taking Eyes On The Road, like many kids at ELHS. I had...

Eve Slemp

College Admissions Process is a Broken System

opinion of: EVE SLEMP
May 23, 2023

After years of observation, conversations, and now my own perspective as a graduating senior, I believe the college admissions process is deceptively precarious. What was once a solid way to lead students...

Conservatives of ELHS: Speak Up!

May 3, 2023

For this school year, The Saga elected to change their motto from “exemplifying allyship to encourage building a community of changemakers” to “sharing differing opinions with the intent to understand.”...

Wake Up America

March 28, 2023

If you are pro-life, you hate women. If you are pro-choice, you hate babies. If you want to have strict borders, you hate immigrants. If you want open borders, you want crime. This is common...

The Reality Behind “Snapchat Dating”

March 28, 2023

With technology gripping young adults all around the world through instant communication, it was inevitable that finding relationships would be done solely through digital platforms. But, has technology...

Cats or Dogs?

Brooke Haviland
March 21, 2023

Brooke Haviland & Aiden Rodgers Cats In my opinion cats are better. I grew up with two Labradors and I loved them more than any cat I met (I wasn't around many)- and they were so much better...

A Non-Comprehensive List of Every Animal Aiden T. Rodgers Could Take In A Fight

March 21, 2023

Parameters for the Fight Life or death situation. Either I kill it or it kills me. Or, should it not have the capacity to kill me, I would die should I lose the fight. I have no weapons, we are in a...

Stop Asking “What Is A Woman?”

February 23, 2023

Girls are taught since childhood to be polite and ladylike. Many expect to go to school, meet a man, and have the perfect wedding with the white Cinderella dress. This commonplace occurrence is the model...

Hidden Gems: Electives to Add To Your Schedule

February 23, 2023

Forensics Senior Kylee Johnston: “I liked it because it was enticing to learn about blood types, past crimes, especially in CT, evidence like shoe and fingerprints, forensic protocols, and more.”...

opinion of: Fiona Samuelson

A Letter To The BOE: The Faces Behind 18.5 FTE Are Not Up For Debate

February 16, 2023

The proposed ‘23-’24 ELPS budget cuts over 18 positions of full-time equivalence (FTE); firing the hearts and connective tissue of ELPS will cost our district its edge. Losing those staff members will...

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