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The Omnibus

The Omnibus

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The Omnibus 2024

The Omnibus 2024

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Ms. Kelly enjoys her last month of a full year in her position of principal.

Principal Kelly’s Mark of Kindness Eases

May 23, 2024

With a career that has encompassed 23 graduation days and speeches (four of which her own). June 13, Principal Deborah Kelly will take the mic for the final time, wishing her final senior class farewell. Her...

NASA Engineer Reveals How He Sends Rovers to Mars

NASA Engineer Reveals How He Sends Rovers to Mars

May 1, 2024

NASA is a recognizable name in many households. But have you ever met someone who works for them? Well, I had the amazing opportunity to interview Seth Harvey, a flight technician at the NASA Jet Propulsion...

The Gardening Club enjoys a field trip to Logees Greenhouse in Killingly

Gardening Club Spreads Flowers and Fun Outside ELHS’ Main Entrance

May 1, 2024

They say April showers bring May flowers, but by the time June rolls around, the ELHS Gardening Club is planning on bringing more flowers to the school’s main entrance, in order to make a more vibrant...

The top photo was taken in 2019 shows the heap of students crammed into one lunch wave. The bottom photo is from 2024, with two calmer waves with many extra seats.

The Troubles of the Lunchrooms

March 18, 2024

The year is 2019. 1300 students at ELHS watch the clock, waiting for it to strike 10:30: lunchtime. The entire student body spills out of classes and into the commons. With one lunch wave and limited...

Although the roads may look safe new drivers have to be cautious of black ice.

Why Can’t Salem and EL Get on the Same Snow-Day Page?

February 22, 2024

It’s 5 a.m. the morning after a snowstorm. You wake up wearing your pajamas inside out, having flushed ice cubes down the toilet the night before. All students await the ring of the phone to say “school...

A picture taken by Ms. Ackerman shows Smokey cuddled up in blankets.

Smokey’s Story

February 22, 2024

Paramedic Linda Akerman responded to a call Nov. 30 for a house fire in East Haddam. Ms. Akerman is currently a deputy fire marshal for the town of Colchester and has been a paramedic for 35 years. After...

One of Harms’ client’s car in the middle of the outside cleaning process.

Side Hustle Turns To Full Business

February 22, 2024

Class of 2025 vice president Jonny Harms, owner of JH Detailing has been able to create a large clientele with his car detailing and lawn mowing business. Harms started his business the summer before sophomore...

One of the many build-your-own bowls, the Mediterranean bowl offered on Wednesdays customized by reporter Lila Bridgman.

ELHS Cooks Help Offer a Tasty Break in the Midst of Learning

February 1, 2024

Kids aren’t just rushing to lunch for seats anymore. With a new panini press, build- your-own bowls and lunchables, among many other options, lines form from as early as 10:50 am. The question is: why?...

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