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Gilmore Girls Love Triangle Synopsis

Kylee Johnston
December 5, 2022

Here are my thoughts on one of the Gilmore Girls love triangles! Dean: Dean was Rory’s first boyfriend. They were both two young 10th graders and they thought they fell in love. Dean and Rory’s...

Top Fall Shows and Movies

Kylee Johnston
December 5, 2022

 After listing the best fall songs I am enticed to share some of my fall favorites. Here are some spooky and/or silly films to watch with your friends and family after carving pumpkins all day. Dead...

A Book To Get You Out Of Your Reading Slump

Kylee Johnston
December 1, 2022

Saturday nights and ghost stories are two concepts anyone can get behind. Jake Baker is a young boy in Niagra Falls. It’s a spooky town in the 1980s, and when two siblings move to town and join...

Success Ruins Parts of You That Make You, You

Kylee Johnston
November 29, 2022

 What does success mean to you? Is it being financially stable, famous, rich, starting a family, becoming a lawyer, or writing a book? Setting these goals for yourself are amazing, but if you only see...

Emma Johnston - Digital Creator

Anxiety Dairy Entries

November 29, 2022

10-17-22      Dear diary, Mondays are one of my easier school days.         I only have one core class on these days which makes my anxiety pretty low.       Dealing with some...

How influential Parents’ Treatment is to Who We Become

Kylee Johnston
November 29, 2022

     Do you ever wonder why someone who cares about you treats you like they don’t? The nature of our nurture growing up affects who we become. The saying, “Like mother, like daughter” is something...

SIMB, Ep 3: Everyones Favorite Game Show

SIMB, Ep 3: Everyone’s Favorite Game Show

April 5, 2022


SIMB, Ep 2: Simon Cowell told Jamie what?!

SIMB, Ep 2: Simon Cowell told Jamie what?!

March 20, 2022


Fasting: a Feast for the Mind

March 14, 2022

Religious practitioners usher in spring with hunger NOELLE AVENA In the season of Lent and the approaching season of Ramadan, millions leave behind a piece of their daily food intake and...

Breaking Down the “Kimye” Drama (ft. Julia Fox)

February 28, 2022

A timeline of Kim Kardashian and Kanye (now Ye) West’s drama involving their divorce and Ye’s new girlfriend, Julia Fox JAMIE KIM Nearly a year after Kardashian filed for divorce...

Is it Damaging, or Is It Art? (Extended Version)

February 27, 2022

Euphoria and Licorice Pizza explore controversial themes NOELLE AVENA  I will always be a defender of a creator’s freedom to explore all themes in their art, but for many, video media...

Explaining the Deal with the Quad Axel

February 16, 2022

The entire time I’ve followed the men’s discipline, Japanese superstar Yuzuru Hanyu was the one to beat. When you’ve won every medal multiple times, talents find new heights to reach. What...

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