A Book To Get You Out Of Your Reading Slump

Kylee Johnston

Saturday nights and ghost stories are two concepts anyone can get behind. Jake Baker is a young boy in Niagra Falls. It’s a spooky town in the 1980s, and when two siblings move to town and join Jake’s Saturday night ghost club, things start to unravel. The novel The Saturday Night Ghost Club, by Craig Davidson is a beautiful, quick, and heartwarming book that keeps you on your toes. This 206-page coming-of-age story is one, everyone should read. While I think when you pick up a book is essential; somehow the story will resonate with everyone regardless of age or maturity. If I was 28 right now and read this for the first time I think I’d be feeling and thinking differently. In fact, if you want to reminisce about your childhood days and rediscover your fears, this book is perfect for you. Instead of giving a summary or synopsis of something you could look up instantly, I’m here to state some quotes and let your mind wander. I also am neglecting to mention where in the book it was. This will be a mystery you’ll want to discover.

“That one where they gazed into the sky as a child wondering how a star might taste…”


“We are only human, a condition of perpetual uncertainty and failure.”


“Sometimes stories are the best we can hope for. They help us to simply get by, while deeper levels of our consciousness slap bandages on wounds that hold the power to wreck us.”


“Imagination was my greatest asset.”


“I figured some people have edges that don’t allow them to slot neatly into the holes society expects them to fit into, that was all.”

“In that moment, her desire made sense to me because with her arm around my shoulder, the insistent squeeze of her fingers, she made it make sense.”