• Congratulations to our Boys' Soccer and Cross Country, Girls' Swim and Dive, and Volleyball Teams For Winning the ECC Tournament!!!
  • Congratulations to Our Boys' Cross Country and Soccer Teams on winning States!!!

Our Mission

As the Viking Saga Website team that has been newly revived this year, we strongly value the power of student voices. These voices will be amplified and will continue to be present in all matters throughout ELHS until change is achieved. The web team will report with integrity and truthfulness, and will report on important issues in a more timely manner with our continuous weekly publication schedule. We assure that publication will ensue with useful research and will promote actions of humanity and accountability to meet the high public standards of journalism. 

The web team also promises to work cooperatively with the print team and collectively improve coverage of more ELHS community issues. As both web and print teams rely on each other, our ethical responsibilities as reporters remain steadfast in outlining all that ELHS needs to be informed of. 

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