Top Fall Shows and Movies

The most thrilling masterpieces

Kylee Johnston

 After listing the best fall songs I am enticed to share some of my fall favorites. Here are some spooky and/or silly films to watch with your friends and family after carving pumpkins all day.

  • Dead Poets Society [1989] (With many great actors this sad movie is spectacular)
  • When Harry Met Sally [1989] (A perfect romantic comedy to watch with your family or friends)
  • The Blair Witch Project [1999] (this movie being vlogged, is what makes it more thrilling for sure)
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas [1993] (A classic Tim Burton movie that screams childhood comfort) 
  • Little Women [2019] (Little Women is directed by the incredible Greta Gerwig and is a sappy coming of age type movie starring Emma Watson and more)
  • The Conjuring [2013] (This movie is one of my favorite horror movies because every detail leads to the next and it never bores me)
  • Casper [1995] (Another childhood favorite, this will certainly make you feel nostalgic and comforted)
  • Corpse Bride [2005] (This is top 3 best Halloween movies personally, I love the story line and the colors used in this)
  • Orphan [2009] (This plot twisting movie is so scary and the main actress never fails to amaze me for being so talented at a young age)
  • IT [2017] (Based on the Steven King novel, everything about this twisted movie is thrilling)
  • Harry Potter (specifically Prisoner of Azkaban) [2004] (Any movie in this series feels like autumn but mainly the third one!)
  • Twilight [2008] (The color scheme in this is gloomy and dark which is perfect for fall)
  • Coraline [2009] (Coraline will always be my number 1 favorite because you can interpret this movie in many ways)
  • Hocus Pocus [1993] (Being based in Salem, Massachusetts on Halloween night makes it scary. But, it’s mainly more of a comedy)
  • It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown [1966] (This movie reminds me of being in Elementary school watching this on the last day of school before thanksgiving break)