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Bucko’s (center) relentless effort placed into Key Club led him to regional success.

Evan Bucko’s Key Club Success

May 23, 2024

“I’m a hard worker,” Bucko said. Key Club Advisor Danielle Holsapple agrees, “There aren’t many things [Evan] hasn’t done... He’s always the very first person to sign up for anything,”...

Maya’s experience at the Capitol was educational, enlightening, and entertaining

Citizenship Day: A Capitol of Opportunity

May 23, 2024

For the entirety of my youth I have heard the words, “head-heart-hands-health,” the slogan of 4-H. 4-H is a national nonprofit organization based in agriculture. The program focuses on youth involvement...

Into the Life of Custodian Frank

Into the Life of Custodian Frank

May 23, 2024

Born and raised in East Lyme, custodian Frank Burdick has been working throughout the East Lyme district since the 2000s. He is one of the custodians that helps make the commons once again a place where...

Will Dumond Leads Marching Band to New Trophy Case

Will Dumond Leads Marching Band to New Trophy Case

April 25, 2024

Will Dumond made it his mission to leave ELHS knowing that the marching band received the attention it deserves after a long history of achievements by getting a trophy case to display their awards...

Ms. Parmelee pursues her passion in psychology working with Guilford High School students.

Into Psychology: Q&A with Lillian Parmelee

Viking Saga(VS): How did you first become interested in psychology? Lillian Parmelee(LP): “I was always fascinated by how the mind works and why some students learn better than others. What makes...

Mr. Willis is excited to go back to his roots and return to ELHS in a new position.

Mr. Willis: Old School, New Role

March 26, 2024

Growing up locally and having graduated from ELHS in 2005, new school counselor David Willis finds himself returning to his roots. In the days of the 2000s Mr. Willis walked these same halls. His wired...

Avni’s plethora of accomplishments has led her to become a Coca-Cola Scholar.

Kabra Dreams High

March 26, 2024

150 students out of 150,000. Of the 0.1% of people nationwide who are chosen to become a renowned Coca-Cola Scholar and recipient of $20,000, senior Avni Kabra was nationally recognized for her dedication...

BTS: Behind the Scenes of  Senate

BTS: Behind the Scenes of Senate

March 20, 2024

Blood Drive. Graduation. Dances. And yes, of course there are still fundraisers, class trips, and prom. While the final product of most of these memorable high school activities seem smooth and simple,...

As a child of divorced parents, Lila switches between houses often. Many other kids also have to make this switch every day, week, or month.

Normalizing Divorce: The Child’s Perspective

March 12, 2024

Divorce takes a toll on both parents and children. While separation may be best for the parents, it’s important to support and understand the child’s perception of such a great change. When you...

The club aims to connect schools within the ELPS district to raise awareness across the whole community.

Taking Change to ELMS and beyond

February 22, 2024

Typically, integration between the EL schools is rare to see. However, Feb. 9 marked something different as members of the ELHS Cultural Awareness Club visited ELMS to present issues of microaggressions...

Junior and newly licensed driver Shea Killoy agrees that most new drivers illegally drive with passengers in

their cars.

Steering Outside the Lines

February 22, 2024

You turn 16, spend hundreds of dollars, take the painful safety classes, and now it’s finally time to get your license. Friends have been calling shotgun in your car for months, assuring you it’s...

Ms. Shyloski is psyched to have hooked a perfect position for herself at ELHS.

Give a Viking Welcome to New Psychologist Ms. Shyloski

February 5, 2024

With a strong passion for helping people, Sheryl Shyloski has found the perfect job for herself as ELHS’s new psychologist. “My understanding is they are looking to increase mental health support...For...

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