Little Islands Make for New Adventures


We hadn’t really traveled at all last summer due to COVID-19, and we had heard amazing things about Aruba. My family had never been on a huge vacation like this, so it was just something really new and exciting for us. We went in late June for six days; looking back, we should have gone longer.

We were able to walk to many places, like the beach and the grocery store. We used a shuttle bus and a cab for longer rides.

Basically just about everyone there spoke English, but since it is a Dutch territory there was a heavy Dutch and Caribbean influence on the citizens in Aruba. We were able to communicate with everyone there.

I also thought they were very COVID- safe. There were many precautions put in at the airport in order to enter Aruba such as a negative test. Even though the mask mandate in Aruba was lifted, all the workers and employees were wearing one anyway.

It just felt really safe both COVID-wise and as far as crime. It was a really safe environment and as they themselves like to call it, ‘one happy island.’

As far as activities, we went to the beach almost every day – it was a three minute walk. We went jet skiing and tubing in the beautiful waters. We went on a snorkeling cruise which was awesome

I thought everyone was so kind and helpful. Everything just felt so safe and it really did feel like a nice little happy island.