Q&A with New Assistant Principal Julie Shvetz

An introduction to the newest member of the ELHS administration


Ms. Shvetz during lunch duty at ELHS

Viking Saga: What is your experience in education?
Julie Shvetz:
This is my sixteenth year in education. I was at Middletown High School last year, and I actually was an art teacher and the department head. I did that for a long time and I taught pottery and sculpture. I went back for my sixth year [of college], my second masters, to Central Connecticut State University and I did their educational leadership program. I graduated from that a couple years ago, and that is what led me here, to be an assistant principal.

VS: What inspired you to go into education, and specifically getting into your assistant principal role?
JS: My mom is a teacher, so that led me into teaching to start with. As far as leadership, it’s just something that I’m passionate about. Early in my career I started to volunteer for doing certain things and helping with certain things. This would lead on to gradually getting more leadership opportunities, which then led to me becoming department head. I love being able to have a say in the bigger picture and the overall impact of students, which is really what my passion is; doing what’s best for all of you.

VS: What about your role as an art teacher has prepared you for working for the whole school?
JS: You think differently in an art class, so for every student that I’m working with, I have to problem solve with that student. It’s not just like, ‘oh, here’s the right answer,’ you have to problem solve to figure out whatever that student’s vision is and how to get them there. That works in an art class, but kind of the same thing works when it comes to leadership because we have to consider what we want that vision to be and how we can get there.

VS: What are you most looking forward to working on here at ELHS?
JS: I’m looking forward to getting to know students, since we haven’t had a chance to do that so much yet. Figuring out how we can get through this year, and how we can try to keep things as normal as possible. Making sure, especially for juniors and seniors, that you get all those important events, and trying to do them as close to normal as possible.

VS: What would you like to say to the student body?
If you ever need help, feel free to come to me. Stop me in the hallway, come to my office, if you see me in the cafe, feel free to come and ask questions.