Cherubin uses Sub Position to Make Her Debut in Counseling

She plans to use experience from ELHS to find permanent counselor job


ELHS welcomes new substitute counselor for Ms. Belisle, Catherine Cherubin; a devoted mother and knowledgeable role model. While her time at ELHS is temporary, there is still room for an impact.

Ms. Cherubin earned her Bachelor’s degree, her Master’s in clinical mental health counseling, and earned a certificate in school counseling after working as a paralegal for 15 years. This is her first job in education, and it certainly won’t be her last.

“I’d love to eventually get a permanent position somewhere, but I also want to be home with my daughter a little longer. When [the sub position] is up, I can be home with her a little bit and then look for something permanent next year,” Cherubin said. As a mom of a 15-month old daughter, she balances family life and her counselor position with utmost commitment.

“My long term goal is to make sure we’re serving the best interest of the students,” said Cherubin. “I want to continue to do that effectively, learn how to do that effectively and see how other people who mentor me are doing it and just learn and grow.”

As dedicated as she is in helping students, family is her driving force.

“It’s very motivating to go to work and serve the community and then come home to have m daughter and husband there with arms wide open with all their love and support,” she said.