Driving Do’s and Don’ts with Officer Don

Tips from Officer Don to encourage safe driving!


Do . . .

Back in:

When you’re going to park, you will see all of your surroundings as you’re arriving, so it’s always easier to back into your spot because pulling out of your spot will be so much easier when you leave.


Be Mindful of Your Speed:

People are better with that now. But, that’s a big question I always get: “How fast can I go over the speed limit without getting pulled over?” I try to remind everyone the speed limit is the speed limit.


Pay Attention to Weather:

Once people get their license, they feel like they are the best drivers on the planet. Experienced drivers have a lot of understanding about our weather conditions. Like wet leaves- people don’t realize that’s just like icy or snowy conditions.


Do Everything When You Get In the Car:

Not only adjust your mirrors or anything else, especially if you share cars with parents or siblings, but do those things before you go.


Know When Driving Rules Still Apply:

“What if I’m not driving? What if I’m at a stop sign or a red light?” If you’re behind the wheel and it’s running, and you’re not in a parking space, you’re operating the vehicle.


Don’t . . .

Follow the “Wave Through”:

Two lanes of traffic going one direction; one stops, and they tell you “Hey, it’s okay to go,” but it’s really not. And then, you pull out, and unfortunately you’re at fault.


Be Distracted While You’re Behind the Wheel:

Kids always think cell phones are the distractor, but a lot of the time it’s the other people in the car. That’s why they have all those restrictions. So many of our accidents are distracted driving in one form or another.


Wait Until the Last Minute to Leave:

So many times kids “wait wait wait” until the last minute and then that waiting becomes hurrying. Then there is going to be distractions and there is going to be haste. That never pays off. If you go “a little faster” because you’re behind schedule then you’ll get stopped and be twice as late.


Check Your Phone While Driving:

You know what’s going to happen, no matter how short the drive. Catch up and do everything you gotta do on your phone before you start driving. That’s the biggest thing because you know you’re gonna be tempted at the stoplight.


Unbuckle Your Seatbelt:

The seatbelts are there to maintain your seating position. If you’re under 18, no matter who is in the car, you have to be buckled.