Healy Twins Commit to Springfield College

Soccer and field hockey stars Meredith and Sarah Healy commit to DIII Springfield



Radiating competitiveness and school spirit, seniors and twins Meredith and Sarah Healy will go on to achieve their goals in Springfield.

As COVID restrictions lessen, Meredith and Sarah are excited about going into a normal school year next year.

“I’m just looking forward to having a normal college experience with school, sports, and social life,” said Meredith.

During their sophomore and junior years, the twins started looking at colleges. One option was Springfield because of its close community and short commute to Connecticut.

Sarah emailed different colleges during her junior year and Springfield loved how she played, so she set up an overnight with a girl on the team and committed to the school.

Meredith had an amazing experience with the team when being recruited for soccer. She talked to the coaches, toured the school, and met the soccer team. A few weeks later, Meredith realized Springfield was right for her.

“First I went to talk to the coaches, who were so understanding, and I toured the school. A few weeks later, I went to a soccer camp that they held and did an overnight with one of the players to get the real soccer player experience,” Meredith said.

Though sports made them stand out at the school, the twins ultimately chose Springfield for academics. For
Sarah, their PE program stood out, whereas the internship program for education appealed to Meredith.

Meredith and Sarah are excited to go to college together, as they can count on each other’s support.

“Just knowing that I have someone to go to if I ever freak out is the best part,” Sarah said.

Though the twins will go to the same school, they have paved their own paths to get there. Sarah got inspiration to try field hockey in 8th grade after watching her older sisters play. Meredith, however, grew up playing soccer
and decided to continue in high school. Having coached Meredith at a young age, coach Rachel Redding is familiar with her passionate outlook.

“Meredith is calm, but fierce. When she sets her mind to something, she makes it happen,” Coach Redding said.

Field hockey coach Kristy Behbehani has seen Sarah’s dedication toward field hockey over the years.

“Sarah is an incredible player on and off the field. Even in tough situations she gives her best and keeps smiling,” said Coach Behbehani.

Both twins are captains of their teams, but have different perspectives on the captaincy.

“Being captain is about having fun with the team and talking to them about their issues,” Sarah said. However, Meredith believes that being a captain brings more pressure.

“I think it’s a huge responsibility. The coaches expect a lot out of us,” Meredith said.

Throughout the years, many incentives pushed Meredith into soccer.

“I love the outdoors and liked team sports as a kid, which contributed to my love of soccer. Through soccer I was also able to have fun times with my friends,” said Meredith.

Overall, Sarah and Meredith are excited to start a new chapter in their lives at Springfield and improve in sports.

“I am excited to expand my field hockey skills and become a better player. I am also happy I get to go with Meredith ,” said Sarah.