Captains Give Insight on 2021 Season




Captain: Riley Walsh

Vision for the season: “My vision for this season is to win an ECC Championship in Mohegan Sun.”

Looking forward to: “I’m looking forward to fan sections being back and our Waterford game.”

Challenges: “Showing up every day and giving our best effort is a challenge because it’s a long season.”

Favorite part of playing basketball: “My favorite part of doing basketball is playing with my friends and developing trust with them throughout the season.”


Captain: Jack Walsh

Looking forward to: “Personally, I am most looking forward to welcoming the freshmen and teammates as well as being in the pool again for one last season.”

Vision for the season: “I think the team’s vision for the season is to continue to improve. We have a great group of people and an excellent opportunity to be dominant this season.”

Challenges: “I think the one challenge that I am anticipating is the possible complications that come with COVID. We haven’t had in-person meets in over a year.”

Favorite part of Swimming: “My favorite part about swimming and diving is the camaraderie of the team.”


Captain: Sachi Vora

Vision for the season: “My vision for this season is for us to have a winning record and come out strong right out of the gate.”

Looking forward to: “I’m really looking forward to getting the opportunity to play in a gym with fans, even if it’s not full capacity. To be able to experience that energy from the fans with my basketball family for my senior year is exciting.”

Challenges: “We have a pretty tough schedule, but we are all looking forward to the challenge.”

Favorite part of playing basketball: “My favorite part about playing basketball is having fun with my teammates on and off the court and the competitive atmosphere it brings.”