Multiple Sports Lead to Success

Playing multiple sports as a kid is beneficial for happiness as a kid and as an adult later in life


Playing multiple sports as a kid is one thing a person can do to better their future. Being a multi-sport athlete brings an overall feeling of happiness to your life.

When it comes to playing multiple sports, one great aspect is being involved with a diverse amount of people. This
gives you more options for friends, as it exposes you to a large group of students around the same age that have the same interests.

Also, friendships through sports are like no other. Shared experiences such as a tough practice or a championship
are the backbone of these relationships. These shared experiences lead to bonds that are stronger than any other, as you’ll be with each other at your best and worst.

Another great aspect of playing more than one sport is the different opportunities that arise. In one sport, you can be the captain of your high school team. In another sport, you can be a regular player and learn how to listen and become an overall better team player. This helps you prepare for life after sports because these different opportunities can teach how to lead, listen, and help be part of a team later in life.

Lastly, competing in multiple sports will give your body a break. As an example, I play both basketball and
baseball. Baseball season gives my knees a rest because basketball is rough on your knees. Then, basketball season gives time for my arm to rest from throwing in baseball. These breaks have helped me stay healthy and not risk overuse injuries. There are many different sports to choose from at ELHS, so finding a few that keep you healthy but also give your body a break is relatively easy to do.

Overall, playing multiple sports as a kid creates great friendships, keeps you healthier and makes sure you are ready for life as an adult.