Prouty and King Sign to Row Four More Years


If rowers need anything, they need each other. Compatible crewmates make a boat, and friends Kristia King and Erin Prouty won’t be saying goodbye as they will be to the rest of their teammates after the spring crew season.

The Bryant crew team is brand new. These girls will be involved in the birth of a new D1 program. This means that their attitudes will be even more important than their athletics as they work to form a new team’s dynamic.

Prouty started her first season as an eighth- grader. Her technique and reputation as a total jokester made her a beloved bow seat, earning her the nickname “Bowty.” Prouty decided to row in college as crew is an exhilarating sport that will continue to challenge her.

“I love rowing. I find it to be thrilling and it gives me a hell of a rush,” Prouty said.

King, at only 5’4, knows crew inside and out, as her height allows her the range to both be a coxwain and row in just about any seat on the boat. Her juniors can depend on her thanks to her helpful, can-do attitude. She joined the team in the spring of 2019.

About their friendship, King said, “Bowty is one of the main reasons I’ve stuck with crew. My friends keep me motivated, and Bowty especially always has my back. I’m blessed to have her as a teammate.”