Aditya Kabra Continues to Impress and Inspire ELHS


Accomplishments continue to pile up for senior Aditya Kabra


$20,000 Coca-Cola Scholarship regional finalist, accepted Yale University student, recipient of a full ride scholarship to UConn, senior class treasurer, and those are just the top three lines of the resume.

Rumored to have the highest grade point average in school history, senior Aditya Kabra has exceeded any and all expectations that were set out for him.

Up to 100,000 students across the country apply for the Coca-Cola scholarship every year, but only 150 are selected. Currently, as a regional finalist, there are 250 students left for consideration and results for those that
receive the scholarship will come out early to mid-March.

“It’s a scholarship based on leadership and achievement within a certain field of interest… I selected a combined field of interest of both applied mathematics and biology,” Kabra said.

Mathematics has been a key part of his success dating back to early middle school where he was a member of competitive math teams. Excelling within our school’s math programs has shown colleges and those who consider scholarships that he has both talent and passion for the subject.

“He’s extremely dedicated. There was a colleague that used to work here that has since retired who said that when he first came in he was like an excited puppy, and that’s how he was in the beginning … he’s still that way
four years later. He still has that excitement. As far as Math League goes, not only is he that excited, but he really
wants other people to be successful and excited with him,” math teacher Lynne Hansen said.

Kabra’s success and dedication to his craft is one of the many reasons he was accepted into Yale University.
He is waiting to hear back from all his potential schools before making a decision. It is still immensely impressive he accomplished this feat.

“Location definitely played a big role; Yale is close to home. It gives you that sense of independence, but if you ever need your parents for anything, they’re close. I felt like it was that perfect medium in some sense. Yale is also in a very underserved community. So I also saw that as an opportunity to extend some of my volunteering initiatives over there because it’s so close and nearby and it does have very similar circumstances to New London
County in general,” Kabra said.

Kabra has racked up countless hours of volunteer work between the LEO Club, NHS, ELHS senate, and other
opportunities that he has taken advantage of. He cares about the EL community and the surrounding communities. He doesn’t volunteer just to meet a requirement. He wants to make an impact.

“He sets a great example with his dedication to his community, his honesty, and his kindness. He truly is the model
student,” senior class president Riley Walsh said. “When I’m having a bad day, he lifts me up with his positive energy and I gravitate towards it and appreciate it.”