Walk for the Cure

The Terri Brodeur Breast Cancer Foundation hosts 17th annual Walk For a Cure to support breast cancer research.


Participants finishing the Walk for a Cure at Harkness Park.


“Our goal is to find a cure for breast cancer and to find significantly better treatments for people so they live longer lives,” said president of the Terri Brodeur Breast Cancer Foundation (TBBCF) Patti Burmahl.

The TBBCF organized and ran the TBBCF Walk for a Cure at Harkness Park in Waterford on Saturday, Oct 1.

This event included a walking marathon, half marathon, quarter marathon and a 5K.

The walkers paid a $30 registration fee and then were committed to raise money by themselves through family and friends for the foundation.

During the walk, many people walked by themselves or some walked in a team. Many walkers wore pink to support breast cancer awareness.

“A lot of teams walk hand in hand, arm and arm over the finish line. So that’s another part that is motivational,” said Ms. Burmahl.

After the walk, there was a closing ceremony that had speeches and flowers for breast cancer survivors.

One woman who has dealt with breast cancer is 73-year-old Deborah Salerno (my grandmother). Ms. Salerno was diagnosed with stage 1B (no tumor yet, or a tumor less than two centimeters in diameter) breast cancer at age 68.

“I wasn’t crying. I wasn’t upset. I was like ‘Oh boy, am I going to make it?’” said Ms. Salerno.

Ms. Salerno got the cancerous breast removed in 2017, and is officially cancer free this year.

“To have people support you, just knowing that there are people out there that have been through this and that care for you and that they want to see you pull through, I think is very important,” she said.Ms. Salerno added that it is also important to bring awareness for women to get mammograms to help keep their health in check. A mammogram, was what found the cancer is Ms. Salerno’s breast.

Ms. Salerno also stated the importance of support from others during this tough time. During her time fighting breast cancer, her family was always by her side and helped her fight through the cancer.

The goal for the TBBCF is to raise $300,000-$350,000 with all that money going directly to finding the cure and better treatments for breast cancer.