Leaders of the NHL

A look into successful teams so far this 2022-2023 NHL season

Opinion of: ALEX BROWN

While it may be way too early to discern Stanley Cup-bound teams in the NHL this year, there seems to be some standouts already making waves in their conference.

The Boston Bruins are typically a consistently decent team in the NHL. This year, however, they’ve made quite an impressive entrance to the 2022-2023 season, sliding their way into first place in
the entire league.

This Eastern Conference team has only lost once so far. Players such as Patrice Bergeron, Brad Marchand, and David Pastrnak have made defending shots hard for their opposition. This, combined with their solid defense and goaltender, Jeremy Swayman, have made their team difficult to defeat.

The team has scored a total of 38 goals so far this season (eight above the league average), and have only let 19 goals against them. The Bruins also have a high penalty kill percentage at 94 percent, which is the second highest in the league.

If the veteran team can continue throughout the regular season with the high octane they are currently operating with, they will cause serious trouble in the playoffs this year.

In the west, the Dallas Stars seem to be leading the charge for first. Currently holding a record of 5-2-1. Joe Pavelski, captain of the Stars, has stepped up to lead this team’s charge. Leading the team in goals scored at four, Pavelski who also has seven points which ranks him second on his team.

It’s definitely too early to make assumptions about the team’s future in the playoffs, but their moment so far is enough to provide hope for any Dallas fans out there.