Get Swole In The Newly Equipped ELHS Weight Room

With new equipment for students, the ELHS weight room is ready for use by the student population


ELHS weight room is located to the right of the South Gym.


If you’re new to working out, walking into the weight room can be daunting. You look to your left and see massive football players benching 250 pounds. You look to your rightand see track girls deadlifting with Coach Reichard critiquing their form. Everyone seems to know what they’re doing except for you. Where do you even start?

The ELHS weight room is a great gym with lots of useful equipment compared to other schools, especially with new equipment including treadmills, ellipticals, stability balls, resistance bands, and more.

Freshmen learn how to use the weight room equipment in their freshman P.E. class and almost anyone there has open arms to help you out. Taking conditioning as a P.E. credit or elective can also help you become more comfortable with the weight room.

“Mr. Place is the advisor, and he’s just a great guy and he knows a lot about technique and form. Younger kids that go always have older kids there to help them,” senior Hailey DeNucci said.

She started lifting at her home gym before using the school weight room and is well acclimated to these kinds of machines.

“Start slow, have a plan, and don’t be afraid to try new things,” P.E. teacher Jack Biggs said.

Many off season athletes use the weight room to stay fit during the off season. DeNucci said that working out has definitely helped her improve in her sport, and that her track coach often utilizes the weight room for training. But, it’s not just for ELHS athletes.

“I think it’s a good idea whether you’re training for a purpose and trying to get bigger, faster, stronger for a sport, or if you’re just coming to be more physically fit that’s a positive too,” Mr. Biggs said. It might be really scary to start something new, but everyone has a positive attitude towards the people and environment there.

“I think everyone tries to lift each other up. I don’t think there’s one person in the gym that truly means harm or doesn’t want you to succeed,” senior David Day said.

A common concern is girls feeling especially intimidated to go because of the amount of boys who attend.

DeNucci said that she sees the school weight room as a more comfortable environment than a commercial gym because it’s just teenagers, not middle-aged men.

Working out on a regular basis has physical and mental benefits. DeNucci does unique exercises and stretches for injury recovery and prevention. Day uses the gym for physical benefits, improved confidence, and as a stress reliever.

“It really helps clear your head and it’s just a good, healthy reliever and an outlet. People should focus on making healthy habits that last a lifetime, and going to the gym can certainly last a lifetime,” Day said.

Staying consistent with working out can be hard for many students with busy schedules, but working out will often end in increased happiness and confidence.

“If I didn’t go to the gym, I probably wouldn’t be as happy with who I am,” Day said.

Hours of Operation for Students:

Monday and Wednesday: 3:30-4:30

Tuesday, Thursday and Friday: 2:30-4:30