Local Animal Shelters Provide a Safe Haven for Animals

Olivia Brown

With the holiday season approaching, it is the perfect time to invest in a new best friend


With, on average, 210 animals impounded in the Northeastern Connecticut Council of Governments shelters (NECCOG) each year, they need your help to give these furry friends a forever home. “They are great animals, they are just put in situations where the homeowner can’t take care of them,” Director of NECCOG, Michelle Hutchinson said. The animals are all found in 22 local CT towns including Norwich, Killingly,

Hamden, Lisbon, and Griswold. Many of them are either owner surrendered or were found roaming, and eventually picked up by animal control.
“It’s incredibly clear that the animal control officers care greatly for all of the animals. They know each animal’s background and what they need in a forever home,” adopter Leslie Samuelson said. The Samuelson family adopted two dogs, Nani and Cosmo, from the Norwich Shelter. Nani was found in an empty home after the owners abandoned all their pets with no warning, while Cosmo was found wandering in the streets of Norwich. “The officers knew to tell our family that Nani hated men, especially in work boots, and that Cosmo had separation anxiety…I
am so happy our family adopted from them. We have had the best family pets I think anyone could ask for,” Samuelson said. With both dogs, the family went through a thorough adoption

process to ensure they were the right fit for their furry friends. “You’re giving them a second chance,” Ms. Hutchinson said. For a CT citizen, the state helps with the adoption cost and takes money off of two vaccines, plus spaying and neutering. Comparing their prices to normal rescues, they shave hundreds of dollars off. All animals are evaluated by the vet before
adoption. After a meet and greet with the family, they are able to take them home that day. If you are looking to adopt, go to NECCOG.org to find the perfect pet for the holiday season!