Wacky Sports: Fishing Edition

With warmer weather comes warmer waters, which means more people are breaking out the pole to go fishing


Silence. Not even a sound. Then, a subtle, but powerful SPLASH as the red and white fishing bobber dives under the water. The next few seconds are a pandemonium of excitement, splashing, and eventually cheering as the fish flies out of the water and onto the dock.

Fishing is a sport that’s overlooked by most, but it can be a very fun and an easy sport to get into. It’s simple, relaxing, and a great way to get outside. Beginner anglers will find that while equipment can get into the hundreds of dollars range, a cheaper rod will work just as well for them as a beginner. The main problem for new anglers is trying to find a place to catch fish, as more experienced anglers tend to hide their spots. However, that is where the Fishing Club can help.

The Fishing Club Google Classroom (code: cnateuc) has resources and people who can help with guiding anglers toward popular spots at various lakes and rivers, and they also hold annual contests that anyone, including non-club members, can participate in. Club advisor and biology teacher Kip Kotzan encourages students to try fishing, and not only for the chance to learn new ways of fishing in the club.

“You’re doing something that gets you out of your head. Too many kids are spending all their time inside their brain, but when you’ve got a fishing pole in your hand you have to have 100 percent focus,” said Mr. Kotzan.

Fishing, being an outdoor activity, encourages people to feel calm in nature, and it’s a great way for students to clear their minds. So, if you’re feeling stressed, or maybe just need something to do, why not find a pole and head out to the water? You won’t regret it.