As the season is edging towards its end, the ELHS girls’ lacrosse team is dominating all their competition. Beating teams like the reigning state champions Guilford High School, 10-9 and a star- studded Hand, 13-10. These big wins have them with a dominate

13-1 record. “Our most notable wins have been Staples, Guilford and Daniel Hand. I will say Guilford definitely felt the best to beat because they are the reigning state champions and we lost to them in a pretty one-sided game last year in the state quarterfinals, so coming out this year with a much more competitive and rewarding
game felt really good,” senior Meghan Nagle said.

There are two key factors for girls’ lacrosse success: the first one being teamwork and second, locker-room chemistry.

“I think our team chemistry and mindset is contributing most to our success. Starting off with our mindset, everyone on our team is very positive and we all believe in our team and trust each other. Even going into some really challenging games, we never sell ourselves short; we go into each game believing that we can come
out on top,” said Nagle.

Although teamwork is a very big reason for the girls’ lacrosse recent success, there is no discrediting individual players and their huge impacts on the season. For example, senior Dani Bruno is leading the 2023 season with 3.3 Goals Per Game, Nagle is leading with 2.1 Assists Per Game, and senior Gigi Franco has 55 saves on
the season in goal. With an injury-riddled beginning of the season, the girls’ team has exceeded expectations and the future is looking very bright.