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The Willow Project: What You Need to Know

May 3, 2023

The Biden administration approved the Willow Project on March 13, despite the controversy surrounding it. This plan was originally proposed in 2020 by ConocoPhillips, an oil company based out of Houston,...

Parking Changes Raise Concern Among Rising Seniors

May 3, 2023

Next year, ELHS administrators and the junior senate are making changes to the parking system of ELHS. Senior parking spots will be extended to include all spaces behind the football field and along the...

TikTok Time Limit: All Talk, No show

To counter the growing screen time of younger users on the app, TikTok recently announced one of the most extreme initiatives taken by a social media company. TikTok set forth their time limit feature...

McMahon Places at State Poetry Competition

May 3, 2023

“I think [poetry is] a beautiful way to share your struggles and is a very intimate form of being vulnerable,” senior Ruby McMahon said. Last year, when McMahon did Poetry Out Loud in AP Lit teacher...

A CrewAndA

April 25, 2023

East Lyme’s crew team is one of our high school’s gems in its athletics program. The girls team has won 4 state championships in just over a decade, and, in the past, has even won a New England championship....

Bulusu Advances to Nationals

Bulusu Advances to Nationals

Alex Brown
March 28, 2023

Every year, the Veterans of Foreign Wars organization holds a speech competition with scholarship prizes totaling a combined over $2 million. This year, ELHS junior Sidhaarth Bulusu took first place in...

ELPS Bus Driver Uses Goats to Advocate for Bus Safety

Kennedy Holsapple
March 28, 2023

Bus safety is preached to the students of ELPS starting in kindergarten, and becomes a repetitive cycle every year. Eventually, students start to tune out the beginning-of- the-year lecture, and bus safety...

ELHS Students Enroll in Culinary School

March 28, 2023

The future is a difficult thing to decide on, especially when big decisions like college and work are to be decided right out of high school. Traditional post-secondary university is a common choice, but...

Wake Up From Winter Depression

March 28, 2023

March is tough. Winter blues dig in, and the warmth and sunshine of spring still feels forever away. No upcoming holidays, but plenty of work piles that weigh down both backpacks and brains. March is...

A Non-Comprehensive List of Every Animal Aiden T. Rodgers Could Take In A Fight

March 21, 2023

Parameters for the Fight Life or death situation. Either I kill it or it kills me. Or, should it not have the capacity to kill me, I would die should I lose the fight. I have no weapons, we are in a...

Stop Asking “What Is A Woman?”

February 23, 2023

Girls are taught since childhood to be polite and ladylike. Many expect to go to school, meet a man, and have the perfect wedding with the white Cinderella dress. This commonplace occurrence is the model...

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