Powder Puff Football 2021


Get a glimpse of players making up the teams


Juniors versus seniors- the ultimate showdown.

Whether it’s Spirit Week, pep rallies, or in this case, Powder Puff football, students come with one collective mindset: win or pay the price.

This year, athletes who play field hockey, soccer, volleyball, cross country, and other sports are all bringing their various skill sets to the football field in an attempt to claim fame.


Jaci Felix:

Jaci Felix, although new to the game of football, is a great communicator on the field. As a well-rounded athlete, she’s a quick learner and is a great addition to the junior team.

Strengths: “We’re determined, excited, and we have a lot of good athletes playing.”

Why the juniors are going to win: “We are superior.”

Tori Buzzelli:

Tori Buzzelli (bottom in picture) is strong both physically as well as with teamwork. She is great at coordinating and leading her peers to victory. Expect her to be a big threat as a lineman!

Strengths: “I have a pretty good understanding of the game, because I played it for four years.”

Why the juniors are going to win: “We’re some of the most aggressive women I’ve met in my life, and we’ve been waiting for this so we have to win.”


Sophia Gannoe:

Sophia Gannoe has a strong sense of teamwork and high intelligence. She has always been a part of a team sport so she knows how to work well with others. Finally, she has a great understanding of the game which will help the seniors win!

Strengths: “Working together as a team, since all of the seniors are super competitive, we all have the same end goal of wanting to win.”

Why the seniors are going to win: “We are stronger, have more football IQ, and we’re hungrier for the win than the juniors.”

Savannah Soleau:

Savannah Soleau brings her speed and strength. She’s extremely competitive and excited to beat the junior squad!

Strengths: “The seniors have pure athleticism and juniors don’t.”

Why the seniors are going to win: “The seniors are going to crush the juniors. We definitely have better players.”

From The Coaches:

Junior Coach Ben Glover: “We are going to win just because of sheer athleticism. We are solid across the board in every single position on offense and defense. We’re just going to get it done. This year, juniors are taking the dub.”

Senior Coach Will Anglin: “I know we are going to win because the girls we have are super competitive. Also, missing out on last year’s Powder Puff game has definitely increased the expectation of whooping the juniors.”