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The Viking Saga

The Viking Saga

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The Viking Saga

The Viking Saga

The Viking Saga

ELHS students wear Vikes for Vets to show support, and are available for sale.
Veterans Day: A Time of Sensitivity and Unity
RUBY MCMAHON November 29, 2022

For the past two years on Veterans Day, there has not been the same school-wide assembly like usual. A once celebratory and commemorating event was dwindled down to moments of silence, videos, and Zoom. As ELHS nears Veterans Day, maskless and able to be in large groups, the assembly is ready to return. For...

First Selectman Kevin Seery
EL Reviews Town Charter

EL’s Town Charter Revision Committee, created by First Selectman Kevin Seery and the Board of Selectmen, consists of 11 appointed EL residents...

SCOTUS to Revisit ICWA

The Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) is a federal law that seeks to keep Native American children with Native American families. It was passed...

Attendees enjoy activities and prepare for the walk.
Suicide Prevention Walk Raises $40,000 for Mental Health

“Save lives and bring hope.” This is the mission statement of the American Foundation of Suicide Prevention (AFSP). AFSP organized an Out...

Meet the Midterm Candidates

State Senate Jerry Labriola Self-described moderate Republican Jerry Labriola is a closing attorney for Labriola Law Group. Mr. Labriola’s...

A look at some of this seasons gardening process and volunteers.
Giving Garden Perseveres Through Drought

“This year has shown that our volunteers, board, and community are ready for any challenge nature can throw at us,” director of the EL Giving...

ELHS welcomes its new counselor, Jaclyn Sullivan.
The Past and Passions of ELHS’s New Counselor, Ms. Sullivan
MAYA GARROW November 16, 2022

Counseling is an integral part of the school system, and a vital support for child development. Counselors must be able to handle the crises and triumphs of teenage life while keeping a level head, as well as preparing the students for the rest of their...

The club meeting in the commons during
homeroom, directed by President Aiden
National History Club Introduced to ELHS

“There’s a million things I haven’t done, just you wait.” This famous...

Dungeons & Dragons Club Starts its First Quests this November

Hello there, brave, young traveler! Would you like to go on the adventure of...

Catering classes working with 2nd graders from Flanders
to make the dog treats.
Cause Day Supports Disabled Veterans

This past Spirit Week, your help in the purchase of a cause shirt went to providing...

Senior En-Ming trains steer to show at
agricultural shows.
4-H Brings Leadership and Opportunities to Students in Broader East Lyme Area

Head, heart, hands, and health. The four parts of 4-H promote leadership, public...

Leaders of the NHL
Opinion of: ALEX BROWN November 15, 2022

While it may be way too early to discern Stanley Cup-bound teams in the NHL this year, there seems to be some standouts already making waves...

Team Traditions
JEN WALLACE November 15, 2022

Volleyball “Pasta parties are a time where we can all be together and talk about something other than  volleyball,” said the varsity captain...

The Season of Giving, Joy...and Diversity
Maya Garrow December 3, 2022

As the cold settles around our small New England town of EL, people are preparing for the holidays. Lights and decorations are strung around lamp posts as music pours out of windows and into the snow-ridden streets. While many people consider this...

The Ultimate 2022 Music Wrap-Up
Cecile Horst and Ted Bergman

Cecile’s Pick: ‘Being Funny in a Foreign Language’ - the 1975 A no...

Poetry Club Offers Students New Writing Opportunities
James Ambrosini

It’s that one unit that’s rarely remembered: a brief break from the long,...

Senior Ruby McMahon makes a blog as part of her fashion portfolio.
A Guide to Art School Applications

The next time you walk down the street or scroll through social media, notice...

Tech crew working hard together on the set design.
Shaking Up Shakespeare

“High School Musical,” “Peter and the Starcatcher,” “Puffs,” “A...

Alex Cooking Live: Philly Cheesesteak Hash
ALEX SALERNO December 1, 2022
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There is a new class at ELHS: African American and Latinx Studies
AIDEN RODGERS December 1, 2022
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A Book To Get You Out Of Your Reading Slump
Kylee Johnston December 1, 2022
“F*** The Patriarchy”
December 1, 2022
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Emma Johnston - Digital Creator
Anxiety Dairy Entries
November 29, 2022

10-17-22      Dear diary, Mondays are one of my easier school days.         I only have one core class on these days which makes...

What's your favorite Thanksgiving tradition?
Meghana Gogate November 29, 2022

Grade 12 Cora Machinsky  “We have archery competitions on big paper mache dummies with soda cans in them so when you hit the can it...

Q&A w/ Peter A. Haviland US Marines
Q&A w/ Peter A. Haviland US Marines
BROOKE HAVILAND November 29, 2022

BH: When did you enlist? How long did you serve for, and what was your rank when you retired  PH: “I enlisted in the United States Marine...