Students for Change, Making a Change


How student activism has impacted ELHS and will continue to advocate for minorities


Composed of nine members, the Students for Change group, or SFC, is the new prime example of activism in the high school.

This group made their debut at ELHS by organizing the walkout held on Nov. 16 to raise awareness for the experiences of minorities in East Lyme High School and its community.

Along with collaborating with students at East Lyme in-person, SFC co-founder and junior Tori Buzzelli is a contributor to SFC’s Instagram account. The account has allowed SFC to communicate with students outside of school grounds and organize events such as the walkout by spreading awareness with the press of a button.

“By using this account, we’re hoping that when there are updates we will be able to reach the students who care, in hopes that they’ll be willing to help us further fight for the change we want to see,” Buzzelli said.

Students are able to contact each of the members by referencing the users the SFC Instagram account follows, Buzzelli being one of them.

Due to their recent inactivity on the account, future goals of this group remain somewhat unclear. Although, students who follow the account can rest assured, knowing they will be notified when future ideas come to fruition.

Students for Change has also made strides in reaching beyond the student body and collaborating with the staff at ELHS as a means of making direct contact to the school administration.

“There have been many conversations with numerous staff members about what our next steps will be and how we can most efficiently reach all of the student body — not only the ones who care, but the ones who need to hear it as well,” Buzzelli said.

SFC has collaborated with community groups such as the Gender Sexuality Alliance and the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee, speaking with both members of the clubs and those who run it.

ELHS students have clearly acknowledged SFC’s efforts to bring the ELHS community together against racism.

“I think that the Students For Change group will allow not only students of color, but all students who experience acts of injustice in EL, to feel that their voices are heard,” said Jamie Kim, a senior who spoke at the student walkout. “With this better sense of community, I think students will feel more supported by the student body knowing they have allies and people who are trying to understand and sympathize with them.”

Students For Change has proven to be an effective instance of student activism within the ELHS community, and their desire to make change within East Lyme is far from fulfilled.