Everything You Need to Know About Super Bowl LVI

By: Riley Walsh

Here’s your official Super Bowl preview from the perspective of Riley Walsh.

At QB, the Bengals have the slight advantage. Although neither QB has substantial NFL playoff experience, I think Joe Burrow has more clutch potential due to his swagger and big game experience in college. Both QBs had very similar seasons with Matthew Stafford holding the slight advantage, however, Burrow has the potential to take over the Super Bowl.

As far as RB goes, I believe the Bengals have the clear advantage. Joe Mixon’s elite versatility makes him a premier workhorse back. I predict he’ll have five check down completions which will be essential to help Burrow avoid pressure. Mixon will certainly have a TD in the game, and I think his impact could make a major difference. Cam Akers is an average RB in my opinion, and his fumble against the Buccaneers almost cost the Rams their season. 

The Rams have the advantage at WR, although it’s close. The Rams boast the league’s best WR, Cooper Kupp, a hungry, explosive Odell Beckham Jr., and underrated Van Jefferson. Cooper Kupp could very well take over a game, and I believe that his presence could win them the game. Ja’Marr Chase, Tee Higgins, and Tyler Boyd round out a great WR unit, but I believe Cooper Kupp tops all of them.

At TE, both teams are equally weak and injured. Unlike the Chiefs vs. 49ers Super Bowl which highlighted the two best TEs, these teams rely more heavily on WRs.

The offensive line is the key to the game. The Rams have the clear edge. Andrew Whitworth, the 40 year old tackle highlights a stout line, and Whitworth’s perennial greatness deserves a ring. The Bengals offensive line is awful. There’s no sugar coating it. They miraculously played their best game against the Chiefs as they were a non-factor for the outcome of the game. During the divisional round, however, they gave up 9 sacks. NINE! They’ll have an incredibly hard task trying to stop the best defensive player in the league, Aaron Donald, for 60 minutes.

Defensively, the teams are even. But big players make big plays in big games, and there’s no team with more big defensive players than the Rams. Aaron Donald, Jalen Ramsey, and Von Miller could change the dynamic of the game, and Joe Burrow needs to make sure he doesn’t give them opportunities to do so.

My score prediction for the game is 30-27 in favor of the Rams. I anticipate another great game just like the rest of the playoffs. The teams are evenly matched, but I really think that the Rams will dominate the line of scrimmage, especially with Donald. On that note, my (somewhat) bold prediction for Super Bowl MVP is Aaron Donald. He let the last Super Bowl slip through his fingers, and I don’t see that happening again. His greatness will show in Super Bowl LVI, and I believe he’ll rack up an absurd 5 sacks. Donald deserves a ring, and in an NFL Playoffs full of prolific offense, Aaron Donald will show the importance of defense.