Youth Coalition Sponsors Healthy Choices


Ice skating over addiction


EL’s youth coalition is a mainly parent-run organization that aims to communicate with students at ELHS about ongoing school issues and viable solutions. The coalition’s mission is to support healthy habits and provide students with opportunities and places to spend time making such healthy choices instead of harmful ones.

Members of the EL youth coalition at an ice skating event.

The community center runs and hosts the coalition’s meetings on the second Thursday of every month. Jennifer Brush, an ELHS parent and teacher, has organized the group’s trips for the past six years. Most recently, the group has taken students ice skating at the Rose Garden Ice Arena in Norwich. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, trips were consistent and included bowling and laser tag. The coalition hopes to continue to sponsor such outings with an upcoming snow tubing night on March 3.

Awareness of common issues at the high school such as vaping, drug use, and underage drinking are another main focus of the group. This year, students have listened to two speakers on such issues during advisory lessons. The youth coalition brought these speakers to the high school in hopes of furthering student awareness.

Student involvement is key in the coalition’s success and outreach.

“The more students who join and speak, the more problems we can solve,” senior Sara Gilman said. Gilman has been involved with the youth coalition since she was a freshman and encourages anyone who’s interested in attending meetings to contact Ms. Brush.