Wrestling Pins Down Successful Season


A look into how the recent success of the wrestling team compares to previous seasons


ELHS senior Michael Minevich wrestles during a home meet (photo:MMINEVICH).

As ECC’s come to an end, the wrestling team finishes with a bang, fashioning an impressive performance this season and promising a bright future. The team, standing with a 15-10 win-loss, holds one of the strongest records ELHS has seen yet.

Edwin Lorah, the coach of the ELHS wrestling team, is ecstatic of the team’s performance, and shares the anticipation for the future with the members of the team.

“This year, the team has been at its best.” Coach Lorah said. “There has not been performances from this team quite like this year, and it only excites me to see what is to come.”

Coach Lorah credits the team success to the athletes’ commitment and motivation to prosper on the team.

“The athletes on the team are tenacious. Their drive to succeed has played a huge role in this year’s performance,” Lorah said. “They want to make history in this school, and they may just do that.” Senior Michael Minevich [54-26 career], a captain of the wrestling team, shares his appreciation for Mr. Lorah alongside his impact on the team.

“Coach Lorah is the best coach I have ever had,” Minevich said, “He has known me for a very long time and has always been a supportive coach. He has pushed us all year to get to this point.”

The ELHS co-op wrestling team had a win/loss of 15-10 in their regular season (photo:[email protected]).

Although Minevich’s final season at ELHS has closed, he holds faith in the team’s posterity, crediting the drive of the newcomers and their potential. “Lincoln Carlson (20-5) and Brayden Soleau (22-5) are two of the freshmen that are new to the team. They are both making themselves known by winning records and can place high at ECCs [Both Carlson and Soleau placed second in this year’s ECCs.] I am excited to see how they can impact the team’s success in the future,” Minevich said. Minevich is satisfied with the mark he has left on the wrestling team and the legacy he has left behind for underclassmen.

“I feel like I did my part in getting us to where we are today, and as did the rest of my teammates,” Minevich said “My final year in high school with this team has been hard but rewarding. In all the other years I’ve wrestled here, we have not had a team quite like this.”

Compared to past years, the ELHS wrestling team has had outstanding success. They placed fourth in this season’s ECCs, only .5 points away from third and 3 from second. In previous seasons, East Lyme has not placed nearly as high nor have they fashioned a record as strong as this year’s. That said, the wrestling team is ecstatic to see what the future holds amidst their success.