Summer and Fall 2021 Style Guide

A break down of summer and back-to-school fashion trends and ideas



Playing with colors that don’t necessarily “match” will make an outfit pop. Some fun color combinations to try this year are red with green, lavender with yellow, orange with blue, pink with brown. These colors can brighten any outfit and can make anyone look put together easily. Also, creating a personalized color palette for an intended wardrobe can help narrow down a select style and prevent over-consumption of clothing.



To spice up any outfit, play with textures. Throw on a leather jacket or shoes to elevate the outfit. There is no harm mixing textures too! Try adding a crochet top with corduroy pants for a retro look. Silk midi skirts are comfortable, classy, and the perfect breathable texture. If this seems too advanced, start off simple with a jean jacket.




Throughout the summer and going into fall, clothing trends are playing heavily into patterns. Pattern mixing is a fun way to try to show off personal style while also incorporating colors and textures into an outfit. A fun yet simple outfit to try out is a graphic T-shirt with pattern pants. Whether the pants are animal print or plaid, this uncomplicated outfit is effortlessly stylish. If this is out of a comfort zone, try switching up plain colored shirts for floral patterns.





Layering, especially as it transitions to cooler weather, is multifunctional by being comfortable as well as fashionable. A turtleneck underneath a strap dress is a great option for modesty. Vests can also be used purposefully for layering as well and as comfort in the cold. Lastly, use shirts to layer constantly. T-shirts add dimension to an outfit when layered underneath a crew neck to add color or underneath a button up.