Student Life: What do you look forward to for Spirit Week, and what do you hope to see from your class?


“I’m really looking forward to my first high school Spirit Week. I am also excited to dress up and have fun with my friends. I know everyone goes all out, and it will be cool for us to see. I hope to see the other freshmen getting into the school spirit and try to win this thing.”

– Lena Krishnaswami, Freshman Class Senator

“Last year, as freshmen, we did pretty well and now that we know what Spirit Week is all about, I think we will do pretty well again. We know what to do now. We compete against them juniors this year for all the events, and I think we will beat them and get our class some points.”

– Lily Brush (left), Sophomore Class Senator

“Last year, our class did very well with participation and dress up days. I’m hoping to encourage more participation in the food drive and money drive so we can get a few more points. In terms of the pep rally, I’m hoping we can solidify teams earlier and get in a few practices. Then we can be more organized.”

– Brendan Fant (bottom), Junior Class President

“I hope to see everyone go all out and have fun. We definitely want to win all the dress up day counts and get our class more involved in the events. We also want to have a good set up for commons decorating. I’m looking forward to excitement of Spirit Week, in general, too for our senior year.”

– Riley Walsh (middle), Senior Class President