SNL Continues to Amaze

A late-night comedy masterpiece


“Live from New York, it’s Saturday Night!”

“Saturday Night Live” (SNL) fans will recognize these words and read it with the same energy as the cast yells it. Over the course of 47 years, “SNL” established itself as go-to late night comedy for the millions of viewers who tune in weekly.

The show has a mix of pop culture, throwbacks, slapstick, wit, and controversy that’s just edgy enough to pull the audience in. Yes, controversy. In the past decade, society has become more and more hesitant to incorporate news, politics, and other touchy subjects into comedy. “SNL,” however, has never fallen victim to this trend.

The stellar cast takes on issues like race, sex, elections, and political scandals with a comedic spin that makes it more digestible for an audience. “Weekend Update,” a weekly segment, does this especially well.

A show that shines a light on current events through humor and isn’t afraid to make its audience a little uncomfortable in the process, can be a greater agent for engagement than the 24-hour news media.

Beyond the show’s incorporation of important issues, it is simply entertaining. Welcoming famous actors, performers, former cast members, and other influencers as hosts, brings excitement to each episode.

Through the decades, “SNL” has stood out as a one-of-a-kind. From laughing-so- hard-you’re-crying sketches to hysterical character breaks, the show has won 80 Emmys and launched the careers of dozens of actors.

So, this Saturday, tune into “SNL” with host Kieran Culkin!