Making Holiday Gifts Homemade

Don’t have any ideas for gifts this year? We’ve got you covered


The holiday season is right around the corner, and if you are waiting until Dec. 20 comes around to scramble some last minute gift ideas, then you might need a little help with planning. If gifts are not your forte, don’t fear because we have the answers in store . Instead of piling on more items to your Amazon cart, take this as an opportunity to explore your creativity. Use your imagination! Giving gifts that take time and consideration are the ones that will remain memorable. If you have tired out your Pinterest for “thoughtful DIY gifts,” here are 3 fantastic DIY options to put you back into the gift-giving arena and make this holiday season magical.

  1. Pipe Cleaner Candy Canes:
    This is a beautiful way to decorate houses and something anyone will appreciate. Step one is to gather red and white pipe cleaners. Next, twist the red and white pipe cleaners around each other and make a hook with them at the top. Keep making them until you think you have enough to turn your house into a winter candyland.

2. Friend Scrapbook

Scrapbooks are a classic way to show your love for a friend. Grab yourself an empty journal, some colorful markers, and random pictures of you and your friend. If you want to get fancy, sparkly tape, dried pressed flowers, and stickers are perfect for making the pages jazzy. This is an opportunity to show a sentimental moment that represents your friendship that they can have forever.

3. Scented Pillow Ornaments

Surprise your family with sewn ornaments. These are perfect even after hanging them on the tree to use under your pillow to go to sleep with the soothing smell of lavender. First step in making these ornaments is to take two pieces of circular or square fabric, each about the size of your hand. Use embroidery thread to embroider one piece of fabric. Try initials, flowers, a fancy border, or something personalized. Keeping the pattern on the outside, sew the edges together about halfway around, creating a pocket. Then fill with whatever you choose- dried lavender, cloves, or rose petals. For those sensitive to scents, cotton balls work perfectly as well. Sew it shut along the edge and continue placing in the desired filling. Finally, carefully thread a ribbon at the top, making a loop, in which the ornament will hang from.