Niantic Yoga Introduces Meditation Class for Teens


Sandalwood incense welcomed us as we walked into Niantic Yoga Studio on Main Street. Amethyst decor lined the wooden bookshelves, draped with vines. At the heart of the studio was a sleek wooden floor with large windows that angled the light into the room.

Every Saturday at 2 p.m., the Niantic Yoga Studio hosts a meditation class for teens and young adults, and the two of us decided to give it a try. Going in, we hadn’t had a ton of experience with meditation and didn’t know what to expect. Previously, we used it as a tool to focus ourselves for cross country races, but never exceeded 10-minute max.

Tara, our meditation instructor, welcomed us in. We stored our phones on the shelves to remove outside distractions. We took off our shoes and grabbed large, wool meditation blankets to sit on. Their heavy weight is intended to provide a feeling of comfort and security that gets the meditator in the right frame of mind.

We grabbed our blankets to set up on the floor around our instructor and began with our legs crossed and eyes closed. Our instructor put on calming background noise and used singing bowls to help us feel relaxed and connected to our bodies. She guided a wooden mallet in circular motions around the bowl’s outside the edge. A bright, clear sound was produced to dispel negative energy in the room.

A focus point for the meditation was guided breathing and visualization. The visualization, where we were instructed to create a safe nature space, seemingly detached us from reality and brought us to another part of our conscience. Here, we felt connected with ourselves and in control of our minds.

By the end of the 30-minute session, we felt grounded and present. Our minds felt clearer and the meditation helped us to slow down and appreciate life for what it is, through the ups and downs. Walking out of the studio, we felt an energy shift and a renewed perspective, as we felt extremely content and confident.