NYC Fashion Trend: Fantastic or Failure

TikTok trend raises controversy over ‘excessive layering’


TikTok influencers attending New York fashion schools are gaining immediate fame at the price of controversy. As members of the fashion industry, such as influencer Clara Perlmutter cut their clothes, explore crazy layering, and defy the rules of conventional fashion standards, millions begin to wonder if these trends are the new face of eclectic clothing or simply impractical.

A wide spread joke surfaced on TikTok where users made fun of New York fashion students for their application of string as a fashion statement. While these students are attempting to determine their style, their accessorizing with string doesn’t always satisfy the taste of others.

What Perlmutter’s amateur critics fail to recognize is that the most important aspect of clothing is the person who wears it. An outfit comes alive once the wearer feels confident, comfortable, and this is seen as Perlmutter’s personality comes through in her choices.

Perlmutter, like New York fashion students, shows her creativity through her clothing. Some describe her style as chaotic or clashing, but they represent so much more. Clothes are a form of expression, and for fashion students, a form of art.

Of course, criticism comes along with immediate fame, however, the inability to recognize style choices beyond what many consider conventional is a failure to recognize how limitless fashion is. Even the most beloved designers create “crazy” or “wild” pieces as they speak to its owner.

In the end, fashion is subjective. The rules of what is appealing or not can be changed instantly. Those who explore their personal style with respect and research, and expand the view of fashion altogether should be applauded, not hated.