What’s a Wordle?

Behind the internet phenomenon and new ELHS online rage

If you’ve walked through the commons or been on social media apps like Twitter, you’ve probably been exposed to Wordle in one way or another… but what exactly is it?

Released in October of last year, Wordle is a browser game that resets daily. Each day, you have one goal: guess the five letter word. The word can be any English-based word in the game’s dictionary.

While the game has been around for a few months, Wordle has made headlines as of late, with appearances on Jimmy Fallon, articles done by news outlets like CNN, and countless tweets from celebrities.

For many, seeing friends online mentioning the name Wordle sparked curiosity and interest in the simple game.

“One of my friends was talking about it in class one day and I had no idea what they were talking about, so I looked it up and that’s how I started playing,” senior Olivia Landry said. “And now I play it pretty much every day and talk about it with my friends.”

One of the most likable aspects about the game is its simplicity. Behind the internet phenomenon and new ELHS online rage, you have six tries each day to guess the word, and if you guess the wrong word but have correct letters or letters in the right spot, the game makes that apparent by changing the color of the respective tile. A tutorial guides new players through the basics of the game.

“My favorite thing about it is probably the consistency,” junior Aiden Rodgers said. “It’s always there when you wake up, but the fact that there’s only one word a day makes it coveted.”

Only having six tries per day makes getting the word right a challenge. But luckily for those with a competitive spirit, Wordle keeps track of how many turns it took you each day. It is easy to compare the amount of guesses you took with someone else, and for those who get the word quickly, they have bragging rights.

“I’ve got a couple friendly competitions going with my wife and brother-in-law which is fun,” Wordle enthusiast and ELHS physics teacher Daniel Nazzaro said.

Wordle was recently purchased by the New York Times from Josh Wardle for “an amount in the low seven figures.” While it’s unclear exactly what the future holds for Wordle, in its current state, the game is a fun, simple, and challenging puzzle for the growing masses to get their brain going each day.