Tracking Friends on Life360


Life 360 is a phone tracking app which allows you to see where your friends and family are at all times. You can even see how fast they drive. There are many benefits to Life 360, but it also has its drawbacks.

Life 360 is convenient for safety reasons. If someone loses their phone, they can see where it last was, or you can use the app to find someone you can’t get a hold of.

My sister was driving home from her friend’s house, someone who lives far away. My mom got mad when my sister didn’t answer her phone until she realized she could locate her. My sister’s reason for not responding was simply because she was driving. Parents tend to feel more relaxed about letting their kids leave the house when they can check their location.

At the same time, this can also be hard because kids feel as if their parents don’t trust them and are controlling. Teenagers who have this app may find it a pain, and it’s usually because their parents forced them to get it. It can also cause many issues regarding trust.

I do know some people who use the app just for fun with their friends. My friend group, for example, uses it to track each other as a joke and have fun. In my family, my mom feels at ease knowing where her daughters are.

I suggest trying out the app to see if it works for you. Use it with friends or family for serious or fun.