DON’T STICK TO THE STATUS QUO: ‘High School Musical’

EL’s new musical this spring: ‘High School Musical’ is diversifying the theater community



The start of something new is in the midst with “High School Musical” on the horizon. When it comes to musicals at ELHS, there is typically a certain niche that comes to mind. But just as the plot of “High School Musical” goes, the joys of theater are not limited to those predisposed to it.

This year’s musical is made up of a cast with diverse backgrounds, from those who have been doing theater for years, to those who have never watched a single play. At the end of the day anyone can bop their way to the top in the world of theater.

“High School Musical” is a Disney Channel classic that follows Troy Bolton, a star basketball player and Gabriella Montez, a member of the East High’s Scholastic Decathlon Team, in their journeys to break free from the status quo and find purpose in their school’s drama program.

What comes with the popularity of the “High School Musical” is a whole new demographic of people involved with the drama program.

“The entire group was just so supportive. I was just welcomed in,” said senior and cast member Jamie Kim. Kim remembers being surprised of getting the role as Taylor. For many of the seniors, auditioning was the last opportunity to rekindle a
love for theater and the experience to perform in
high school.
“I did all the plays in middle school, but
stopped because of the lack of time, so my senior
year was really an opportunity to go back and do
something I want to do,” said senior Nikki Hahn
who joined the cast along with several other
seniors for the first time this spring. The premise
of “High School Musical” consists of students
from all sorts of cliques and groups coming
together and putting on a musical and this theme
perfectly translated into casting.
The cast proves that students can be both
academically and sports orientated and still have
a place in the arts. Eric Wang, someone who is
both strong in school and swims year-round
found a third home in “High School Musical”
with his role as Coach Bolton.
“I always wanted to try acting but never really
got involved, but when I saw that it was High
School Musical, I thought it would be something
worth trying,” said Wang. But, it’s not only the
cast that are widening their experiences here in
EL but also the audience.
“High School Musical” has become highly
anticipated, as the original movies earned
nearly 225 million viewers to date. Whether
you know all the songs by heart or roll your
eyes whenever “We’re all in This Together” plays
for the hundredth time, break free from your
preconceptions and go see the fun in action
from May 6-8