Best and cozy fall songs to get you in the fall mood



    Have you gotten sick of the same old songs? Me too, fall is by far the best season and I have the best songs you must add to your playlists or go to our website and download. Fall just feels different than then rest. Fall feels like a reset. It’s refreshing, new, and there is so much to do. These songs are comforting and are guaranteed to put you in an apple-picking or a cider-sipping kind of mood. Here are my top 26 best songs for fall:


  • Just Like Heaven [by: The Cure]

This song in combination with windows-down-drives where the air feels refreshing and crisp will cure any sadness you have.

  • There She Goes [by: The La’s]

For those “Gilmore Girls” binge watchers, this song is a must.

  • Back to the Old House [by: The Smiths]

This song screams nostalgia in a time when you would travel to your grandparents house on the weekends when you were little. 

  • Trouble [By: Cage The Elephant]

This is a perfect song to scream in the car because it’s so catchy. Someone should put this song in a coming of age movie. 

  • 1979 [by: The Smashing Pumpkins]

A little throwback for those people who feel anachronistic.

  • Wires [by: The Neighbourhood]

If a song had a color this song is dark green.

  • Head Over Heels [by: Tears For Fears]

Listening to this feels like hallway crushes and leaves changing and falling. I don’t know how; it just does. 

  • Chelsea Dagger [by: The Fratellis]

Warning you now, this song will get stuck in your head for days.

  • Moonlight on the River [by: Mac DeMarco]

This song is for staring at the ceiling before going to sleep.

  • Bags [By: Clairo]

If you love fall and are an overthinker, Bags is for you.

  • Brooklyn Baby [By: Lana Del Rey]

Cool girl city vibes trickle out of this tune.

  • Meet Me in the Hallway [by: Harry Styles]

This is a calm song to zone out to and it’s by Harry Styles so of course it’s incredible..

  • Clocks [by: Coldplay]

This song gives me chills, it’s so pretty. But so does every one of their songs.

  • Runaway [by: AURORA]

I wish this was in a Harry Potter movie. It fits perfectly.

  • Selfless [by: The Strokes]

Second cousin to Clocks from Coldplay. 

  • Sunday Bloody Sunday [By: U2]

This is one of their best songs in my opinion, the beat is unmatched.

  • Fallen Star [by: The Neighbourhood]

Oh my this song is SO good. I skip every song for this one. 

  • High Tops (Stripped) [Del Water Gap]

It’s so good I listened to this on my way to school almost every day sophomore year

  • Quarterback [by: Wallows]

This is self explanatory, but the popular football boy in the midst of his season is having girl problems.

  • Elephant [by: Tame Impala]

Just like most of their songs, this one is intense. It fits the mysterious fall vibe

  • Everybody wants to rule the world [Tears for Fears]

An 80’s classic, this song will make you feel all the nostalgia for the past. 

  • Every Breath you Take [by: The Police]

Most may know this from “Stranger Things”, but this song is such a homecoming song I wished they’d play. 

  • Seven [By: Taylor Swift]

“Seven” might be a song you haven’t heard from Taylor Swift before. It is perfect for a rainy day.

  • You and Me [by: Lifehouse]

This encompasses the teenage angst of a romance that will inevitably fail.

  • Under the Bridge [by: Red Hot Chili Peppers]

This is another oldie that is incredible.

  • Are You Gonna Be My Girl [by: Jet]

This song motivates me to get up early on a Sunday and do a reset and clean every orpheus of my house.