Saga Horror Movies Recommendations


The Classics: the timeless masterpieces


One year after the murder of her mother, a girl and her friends begin receiving
horrific phone calls from a serial killer. The conversations start out normal and
get progressively creepier. Then the caller is inside her house. How will they
catch an anonymous killer if nobody who sees him lives to tell the tale?

Trigger Warnings: extreme violence (stabbing, shooting, blood)


‘Nightmare On Elm Street’

This grisly classic follows teenagers’ struggles to escape Freddy Krueger, a
horrifying man who appears in their dreams and kills them there and in the
real world. The teenagers are tasked with the impossible: avoid sleep or die.
And although Kreuger’s dry one-liners provide excellent comedic relief, this
movie is still quite violent and creepy.

Trigger Warnings: blood, gore, violence


The Horror: not for the faintest of heart

‘The Conjuring’

“The Conjuring” takes place in the 1970s on a farmhouse where a family is dealing with paranormal activity in their new home. The creepy events that occur get progressively more violent, so they seek help from demonologists
Ed and Lorraine Warren. The two, however, have never seen anything like this. Will they be able to rid the family of their ghosts, or have they finally met their match?

Trigger Warning: jump scares, mild gore/violence



This movie is not for the faint of heart. After their son seemingly falls into
a coma when moving into their new home, a family begins to see a violent,
demonic, monstrous creature lurking in their home. The catch? It’s not the
house that’s haunted, it’s their son. How will this family escape an inescapable
demon? There’s only one way to find out…

Trigger Warning: mild violence, numerous intense jump scares


The Not-So-Scary Ones: for the people who just want to be included

‘Corpse Bride’

Victor and Victoria are in an arranged marriage but before their wedding,
Victor is dragged down to the land of the dead. He must escape to the real
world before Victoria marries someone else.



After Coraline discovers a world behind a secret door, which closely
resembles her own but only better, curiosity gets the best of her. She thrives
in the other world until she discovers that the people there are trying to
trap her there forever.