How to be Rory Gilmore: The Ultimate Guide to Romanticizing the Study-Life

From the TV show ‘Gilmore Girls,’ Rory Gilmore single-handedly paved the way for the overachieving perfectionist and mastered the art of embracing a captivating book and a study cramming sesh.


1. Always have a book: It doesn’t matter if it’s “Curious George,” the best accessory is a
book. At least try and look intellectual.
2. Sweater Weather: Sweaters, the pinnacle staple for fall fashion. If you are going to fail
your classes, at least look cute while doing it.
3. Coffee, Coffee, Coffee: Always have an enormous bowl-sized cup of joe, even if it’s
impractical and borderline a health-risk. And never decaf. Never.
4. Study Hard: Obviously easier said than done, but Rory proved that with ambition and
perseverance, hard work pays off.
5. Focus on yourself: Whether it was her budding feud with Paris or her peers at Yale,
Rory herself is no stranger to competition. But, her defining trait is her abilty to focus on
bettering herself rather than bringing her peers down.
6. Date tall, brooding, bad guys who have soft spots for books: You heard what I said. Jess
Mariano is the blueprint, nay, the standard. #TeamJess