Welcome to The Red Cross Club! The Red Cross Club is a group that provides peers with opportunities to make a difference by addressing the community’s greatest needs and developing leadership skills. Red Cross Club empowers students with knowledge and life-saving skills to help prepare your school and community to respond to emergencies. A Red Cross Club is an extension of a local Red Cross region or Service to the Armed Forces (SAF) Station where you’ll be able to serve the community with your friends. Along with training and leadership development opportunities, there is availability for mission-related activities in the community, while delivering lifesaving services of the Red Cross. We’ll plan and implement projects that help out the community, from blood drives to CPR training. We are also paired up with Youth Health Corps, another nonprofit organization that focuses on displaying all types of roles in the medical field. We have a new coordinator this year, Tizrah Finely and we’re so excited to work with her. To learn more about upcoming projects we have, join our google classroom code: kdigdvz. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our club advisor, Ms. Turano, or any of our officers:
President: Megha Nissankararao – [email protected]
Vice President: Nikhita Bolineni – [email protected]
Treasurer: Rose Zhou – [email protected]
Secretary: Nathan O’Neil – [email protected]
Media Manager: Arianna Lee – [email protected]