‘Midnights’ by Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is coming back stronger than a 90s’ trend


The devil works hard, but Taylor Swift works harder.

“Midnights,” a 13-track album released on Oct. 21, was Swift’s return to pop after pivoting to indie-folk music and earning back the rights to her songs through re-recording. Swift announced that she would be releasing a new album, describing it as “the stories of 13 sleepless nights scattered throughout my life.” So here are my unsolicited opinions:

“Anti-Hero.” A true bop sure, but are you saying that the greatest songwriter of our generation couldn’t find a better phrase other than “Sexy Baby?”

“Snow on the Beach ft. Lana Del Rey” felt like a missed opportunity. Amazing again, but I wished there was a verse from Del Ray. Perhaps it should have titled it “Snow on the Beach ft. Lana Del Rey’s breath.”

“You’re On Your Own, Kid” is my favorite upon first listen. Fun fact, the song was actually written personally for me and only me.

Did the first vocal on “Midnight Rain” both frighten me and confuse me immensely? Yes. But, did the fact that the song could potientally be about Tom Hiddleston make me lose my mind? Absolutely.

“Vigilante s***” is the song I want to commit a crime to. No other thoughts.

“Labyrinth” had me screaming, crying, and throwing up all the same time. It had my single, never had a boyfriend, self feeling included.

“KARMA IS MY BOYFRIEND. KARMA IS A GOD. KARMA IS THE BREEZE IN MY HAIR ON THE WEEKEND.” I shouldn’t have to explain this song. Karma just is.

“Bejewled” was made for the “Mirrorball” girlies who finally got therapy. Not to mention the stunning music video with the “Speak Now” Easter eggs every other second. #SpeakNowTaylor’sVersion

At the end of the day, Taylor Swift could release a 10-minute song of white noise and I would still eat it up, but from my most unbiased opinion, regardless of your Swiftie Status you should give “Midnights” (along with the 3 a.m. songs) a listen.