Team Traditions



“Pasta parties are a time where we can all be together and talk about something other than  volleyball,” said the varsity captain Chloe Vaglio.

The ELHS volleyball team is an extremely close group of girls. They tie dye t-shirts for their “dig pink” game, host pasta parties, and hold “big sister little sister,” a program that places an underclassman with an upperclassman.


Girls’ XC

“We’re all really close. Even in the hallway, everyone waves at each other,” said senior co-captain Hannah Bergeron of the girls’ cross country team.

The team has common traditions such as pasta parties, but unlike other teams the girls say a “prayer” before every race. “Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, bless this course we run upon. Let us run with zeal and zest. Let us run our very best. Go East Lyme. WHOO!”


“We usually get here an hour early to get ready with each other,” sophomore and cheerleader Madison Davis said.

The cheer team has two seasons and they carry traditions into both. Getting ready with each other for competitions, a six-hour practice before competitions, and popcorn fundraisers are all typical activities. Like other teams, the cheer team is a very close-knit group of people.