Mental Health: Anxious


Having anxiety is a constant mind battle in day to day life. Constantly dealing with overcoming a patch of panic is hard to recover from.

Feeling absolutely drained after having panic attacks everyday leaves me to have no energy to get through the rest of my day.

The constant debate between emotions is exhausting.

     The constant overwhelming fear that they aren’t the one. 

     Struggling with coping with the mistakes of my past, came a moment of peace staring at the luminous moon clashing with the dark night sky.

     The silence making everything seem louder, 

     The creaking frogs and the small gush of wind against the base of my ears

      Feeling completely appeased. 


I wrote this piece because there was a time when my anxiety wasn’t as bad as it has been in the past. I felt relief in feeling free. But just as the time became close my anxiety peaked again.

I felt that relieving myself from this anxiety was the right thing to help me at the time. So one starry night I decided to write this poem outside in my backyard. I had blankets with me and my journal ready for me to write in.

I wanted to express my feelings in a healthy way and not have to say it to a person. Or even in a way of just telling. Poems can help express your feelings in all different types.

The readers can interpret the poem in any way so even if you express your feelings and are doubtful the readers could interpret it differently.