4 Underrated Mom-and-Pop shops you need to know about near East Lyme

Meghana Gogate

Picture this: You’re all set to relax this weekend after a stressful work week. You have your TV remote in your hand about to play your favorite show. You walk up to your refrigerator just to see frozen food and decide to order from a restaurant. But, you don’t know where to order from. If you can relate to this feeling, here are 4 amazing and underrated restaurants for your dining experience. So next time you have any difficulty choosing places to eat, one of these could be the option for you. 


  1. Paul’s Pasta shop


Overlooking the Thames River in Groton, Paul’s pasta shop offers a variety of choices for food at a moderate price. The delectable penne pasta and ravioli immediately made me love the food. I have an incredible spicy tooth so the marinated vegetables in vinegar were a plus. What really made me want to go for another visit was the incredible flavor and sense of authentic Italian food that reminded me of my experience in Italy. 


  1. café SoL


A cozy atmosphere on a sunny afternoon is the feeling I most associate with this cafe. Stocked with specialty organic coffee, fresh-baked pastries and a mouthwatering breakfast and lunch menu, café SoL is a place to relax with friends and family in the midst of day-to-day life and downtown Niantic’s picturesque atmosphere. The customer service is excellent and the cafe is one of my favorite mom and pop shops so far.


  1. Grandma’s market 


A shop and restaurant in one, Grandma’s market in South Lyme, sports lively Mexican decorations and artwork expressing culture. Not much traffic surrounds the area leaving the sense of calm and peace. Due to large portion sizes, the food that we had gotten lasted for days afterwards with the same flavor as the very first night of ordering it and it won’t leave a dent in your wallet. 


  1. Giuliano’s Bake Shop 


Guiliano’s is a mom and pop shop that makes Italian bread, pastries and bagels, anything that you would associate with a bakery. Being a frequent customer, the food speaks for itself in many ways along with the great customer service which is probably why the bakery is always busy no matter if it is a weekday or weekend. As a breakfast place it is located right in the heart of Niantic and a great place to pick up food before heading to work. 


Making time to enjoy good food while relaxing and having fun is important so I hope that these restaurants give you options for that. 


Good luck for making a decision on where to dine out!