What’s your favorite Thanksgiving tradition?

See what your peers said about the historical holiday?

Meghana Gogate

Grade 12

Cora Machinsky 

“We have archery competitions on big paper mache dummies with soda cans in them so when you hit the can it explodes.”


Patrick Conaway 

My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is playing a game called “salad bowl” after dinner with my huge extended family. I’m one of 16 cousins who are pretty competitive so it’s very fun to play party games together.

The way the game works is you put in a bunch of celebrities/famous characters on strips of paper into the bowl and do timed rounds of charades in two teams. Lots of yelling and laughing immediately ensues.”


Grade 11

Emma Clausen (11) “Every year after watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade on TV we eat chips with a 7 layer dip and decorate for Christmas”


Johnny Furhmann (11) “My father and I have a tradition of skiing out every Thanksgiving” 


Grade 10

Nina Mckiernan (10)  (860) 222-6034 “Going around the table and saying who we’re thankful for; what we’re thankful for.”