The Ultimate 2022 Music Wrap-Up

Cecile’s Pick: ‘Being Funny in a Foreign Language’ – the 1975

A no skip album. Not a single one. Every song is banger after banger. I mean did Matty Healy have to eat raw steak on stage while performing this album? No. But that’s Matty Healy. 10/10


Ted’s Pick: ‘Dawn FM’ – The Weeknd

Conceptualized around listening to a retropop radio station in purgatory, The Weeknd’s newest release is a melodic meditation on love, death, self-identity and spirituality. With songs that mesh seamlessly into each other, Dawn FM is Abel Tesfaye’s best record in years. 8.8/10

Ted’s Pick: ‘Ants From Up There’ -Black Country, New Road

This experimental jazz rock album is not a “fun” listen, per se. It is delightful and warm, but it’s soul-twisting and pointedly dark. The collection of humorous, epic, and thematic songs will leave you pondering the band’s tunes for hours after listening. 9.0/10


Cecile’s Pick: ‘Beatopica’ – Beabadoobee

This album single handedly sent me into a spiral. It’s a light, more whimsical sister of her previous album.“Lovesong” is just on a continuous loop in my brain 24/7. 9.5/10

Cecile’s Pick: “Tell Me That It’s Over” – The Wallows

The entire album screams summer vibes. One of my all favs being “At the End of the Day .‘’ I play this album whenever the seasonal depression hits and I need to feel something again. 8.7/10


Ted’s Pick: ‘Ugly Season’ -Perfume Genius

Perfume Genius’s latest album is a magnificent baroque post-pop album with large scope that tells more of Mike Hadreas’s story, one of queer love, community, and melancholy. Hadreas by developing his own sound that defies genre boundaries. 9.4/10